As part of the What’s on [My] Mind? project, @xtaforster and @YsidoraPico are joined by other time travelers (including @mediciprincess, @PJSweetman, @YellowFever and more!) in a Twitter chat — #1850charla — on February 28, 2014 from 11am to 12pm CST (5pm UTC).

For people wanting to read more about this project, the extraordinary Isabella Medici — that’s right, she of 1550 Florence — has written up an overview on Practicebased.re/search. 

Storytellers wanting to join the group and engage in this chat can get directions for how to join by going first to

1850 Tweetchat on .Re/cipes

and then to

Facilitating Alternate Identities on .Re/search.

The format of the #1850charla is TBD. My first idea is to host the chat during a specific block of time, much the way educational chats are held. For example, on Thursdays from 8-9 EST, I sometimes participate in a weekly #isedchat (Independent School Education Chat).  Usually, a couple days before the chat, the facilitator will poll participants, giving them a short list of topics to choose from for the upcoming discussion.

I like this idea for a couple reasons; e.g., just as there regular chatters in the #isedchat, for the #1850charla, there is also already a committed group of participants, characters who are major players in this process. Another reason I like this idea is the charla is contained within a manageable amount of time, and the intensity of the time would frame the chat in an interesting way. However, it could be problematic because we’ll be chatting from multiple time-zones.

Another idea I have is to let the chat run  its own natural course for 24 hours, periodically offering prompts and provocations, which people can engage with, while they also engage with one another. Then afterwards the #1850charla could be “storified.”

For sure, the #1850charla must be more than a meet and greet on Twitter to make it interesting! Over on the P2 site .Re/act, in fact, emotions are starting to really heat up, especially between Isabella Medici, Meg O’Ryan, Oscar Devant and Donnie Archer. I feel sorry for newcomer Patrick J. Sweetman, who may feel like he’s surrounded by a bunch of primadonnas, louche dandies, and renegade redheads.

If you had a diverse group of time travelers together, what burning questions would you ask them?


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