Playlist for What’s on [My] Mind?

Since 1993, I’ve been playing music with three awesome guys — Gino Guerrero, Kevin Jefferies and Todd Leger. We wrote our own songs; we also covered gems like X’s “The New World.

In the 90s, our legendary band Shag regularly drew more than a couple people to see our shows in Houston haunts like Rudyard’s Pub, Mary Jane’s, The Ale House, The Edge Unplugged. We even played at South x Southwest one year at the Texas Showdown Saloon. When the goths walked in, we were sad to find that we were not the Shag they came to see.

Around 2000, we stopped playing live, but we stayed close (yes–playing in a band together is a bonding experience), and for the past year or so, we’ve been hanging out on Sunday mornings for a couple hours, noodling, hemming and hawing, covering easy, three-or four-chord songs. The good news is these rock legends have agreed to perform What’s on [My] Mind? live with me on March 12 at 14 Pews at 8 p.m.

Playlist — in the order of appearance — of songs that will accompany my original monologues. We promise to play these like you’ve never heard them before. As Kevin says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve spent years suffering for our music. Now it’s your turn.”

  • White Girl, (X)
  • Fame,  (Irene Cara, although I can’t be sure the men won’t hack Cara up with their Bowie knives)
  • Why, (Annie Lennox)
  • The Killing Moon, (Echo and the Bunnymen)
  • We Don’t Need Another Hero,  (Tina Turner)
  • I’m Gonna Live Forever (Billy Joe Shaver)
  • If You’re Out There (Christa Forster)

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