Kevin’s Bios

I asked the guys who are performing with me on March 12, 2014 — Gino Guerrero, Todd Leger and Kevin Jefferies — to send me their bios for the program. Despite my stern reprimands to be serious, Kevin just would not comply. I’m giving him his own page here to assuage his ego.

Kevin Jefferies

Kevin Jefferies (bass, guitar, vocals) has been a disappointment to friends and family since the mid 1980s, at the very least. He was recently released from TCDJ’s Darrington Unit where he won several awards including the prettiest mouth of 2009. Most nights he can be found working – still – on forming a proper F chord under the I-45 overpass near Airline – or thereabouts. He does this without benefit of a guitar, which impresses the hookers and crackheads who are his best friends and most trusted advisers. Anyone who tells you he had anything to do with the formation of the mythical soft rock band Shag in the 1990s is a liar and a cheat and must be drummed out of decent society.

Kevin Jefferies (bass, guitar, vocals) is an angry and bitter relic and has no real talent and is the beneficiary of the low bar set by his friends, family, and neighbors – all of whom he secretly despises because any one who could stand to be in his company is unworthy of it, but what does that matter, let’s face it life is a stinking cesspool etc, etc, etc, cause everybody likes Gino better than him and probably Todd too, but not Christa . . . scratch that, Christa too . . . damn.

Kevin Jefferies (bass, guitar, vocals) is the author of several small bios that tear at the core of Christa Forster’s very soul. He developed this gift as an elementary school student when he was asked by a nun to submit material about himself for background for a performance piece he was requested to participate in titled “bring me the head of Gino Guerrero.” The performance was well received but the nun was defrocked and excommunicated and was last seen wandering the mean streets of San Juan Capistrano. In the rain. Though it never rains in San Juan capistrano. At least not until then.

Kevin Jefferies (bass, guitar, vocals) is an empty shell whose life has no longer purpose, who wastes his days – as ancient and old and tired men do when trapped in derelict and seedy and rat infested tenements – dreaming of his glorious youth spent riding with his beloved Pancho Villa across the hellish hills along the border. If there is a god, the angel of death will visit him soon so his ears will be mercifully rid of the echoes of his fallen comrades, his lost dreams, the wreckage and futility that was his once promising life.

Shag,  Houston, Texas, 1993

Shag, Sterrett Street Studios, Houston, Texas, 1993

That’s Kevin (Puddlebutt) Jefferies in the middle. Just look at the cherubic expression. What happened? Rock and roll! So much rock and roll. That’s what.


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