Gino’s Page

Gino Guerrero (guitar, vocals) has been in the Houston music scene since 1979. While attending Stephen F. Austin State University, he founded the seminal punk band The Recipients, which led the early Houston punk scene.  He was a founding member of the short-lived bands Youth in Asia and The Front before forming The Reign.   As a member of the Reign he recorded several singles and ep’s as well as one full length LP.  He was president of PR Records, as well as co-founder of Empty Glass publishing, and art director for Upper Management.   After The Reign’s demise he joined several bands before becoming part of the core co-founders of Shag, joining such luminaries as Todd Leger, Kevin Jeffries and the indomitable Christa Forster.   After several years away from live music, he was coaxed back into the arena to join his three friends in this endeavor, What’s on [My] Mind?

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.57.20 PM

Gino’s the one who holds us all together; he has throughout the years made sure to keep the hearth fires burning. He was the one with the master key to our Sterrett Street studio in the 90s, and his is the house where we hangout on Sunday mornings. Without him, we wouldn’t be together. He’s also tends bar at one of Houston’s grooviest hangouts — Boheme in Montrose — and he’s a great listener if you tip him enough. Most of the time, he has the patience of a saint.

gino in the reign


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