Todd is God

Todd Leger in Fab motion

That’s Todd Leger in the Middle

Todd Leger (Guitars/Vocals) has been involved the Houston music scene since the late 1980s, and tonight’s performance marks his return to the stage after a several year hiatus. Resume highlights include being a founding member of the Houston-based band Fab Motion and as a guitarist and collaborator for Shag.   He is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and is currently a senior engineering manager for a large aerospace company.

Leger, a legend in his own mind, chock-full of pithy-yet-tender comebacks for almost any statement (no matter what that statement might be), is the perfect father figure in our band of brothers-and-a-sister. He’s the guy who holds the group together musically, because he’s the only one who’s usually playing the correct chords.

Tom Callins of TC5 fame and Leger’s longtime friend says

On guitar, Todd has the RnR muscle with just the right touch. Never in the shadows, never over the top, Todd is the pocket keeping the groove together. On the road, Todd is my main man, the “go to guy” when things go awry; all the while handling it with a childish sense of play, and an adolescent sense of humor. Who could ask for a better bandmate? As a friend, Todd is the dearest.

Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats lauds Leger as

one of those wild geniuses who keeps the Earth properly spinning on its axis – a consistent institution who — if nothing else — might be saving America. 

Todd Leger

Todd Leger for America 2020

Barry Gibb, the last Bee Gee, remembers seeing Leger perform in Beaumont in 2004 with his short-lived band, Satin Socks.

Leger’s falsetto is amazing. You can’t make singers like that; they’re born that way.

Even the Rolling Stones’ immortal Keith Richards has found formidable competition in Todd Leger.

I thought I was the laziest guitarist until I saw Leger on a Tuesday night in Johnson City, TN.

Fab Motion, photo credit: Tom Callins

Early Fab Motion, photo by Tom Callins

fab motion on green couch (cover photo)  by Tom Callins

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